Rodent Management Services

Rodents become one of the most disastrous pests, invading our premises, eating our food, damaging our belongings and mainly responsible for transmission of deadly diseases. Being mammals, they are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures, making rodent management a tough and challenging activity.


Rodent management is done by undertaking Annual Maintenance Contract for large commercial and housing complexes. Bug Solutions expert team will continuously monitor the baiting and effectiveness of the service provided during the contract period. Fortnightly / Weekly services are rendered depending on level of infestation, hygienic conditions, housekeeping practices and so on.


The Bug Solutions Rodent Management Services are based on the type of rodent species, infestation level and nature of premises. It works of scientific coalition of baiting, trapping, proofing methods, and mapping of rodent bait station on layout of floor plan of the premise. We carry out a systematic study of rats to ensure effective rodent management.